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About Enter the Labyrinth | Philosophy, Psychology, Myth, Spirituality, and Existence

Hello everyone The Philosophy Guy here!

This podcast is about the many ideas in philosophy that are popularized by our society and culture through movies, TV shows, public figures, and books all around us. Philosophy is everywhere and my goal is working to understand and investigate those ideas all around us. In understanding those ideas, I don’t mean just understanding, instead applying those understandings to our lives. Even if you disagree with various ideas in philosophy there’s always something to be learned from them and applied to your everyday life. This podcast will take a deeper dive into the ideas raised by films and books.

Movies, tv shows, and books that raise these interesting philosophical concepts that currently apply to us typically provide us with a desire for more. A deeper understanding of what the film or TV show is referencing. A perfect example is Rick and Morty to name one of my favorite tv shows, does an amazing job of raising philosophical questions about the meaning, problems, and absurdity of everyday life with regards to our existence in the universe itself. Shows like Rick and Morty scratch the surface for those watching…but sometimes needs another avenue to provide something more. A podcast to consider the concepts raised, go more in depth about those concepts, talk about the historical and current thinkers within the areas, suggest further reading, while still maintaining it within the scope of the show, so we can further understand the show.

My thought process is that by better understanding the concepts within a show you come to enjoy for its thought provoking material, that better understanding can lead to further self reflection and understanding of the world, society and culture around us. Such as: why do enjoy the show? Why do I find the concepts within the show so interesting? These understandings help lead to further understanding of the relationship between the entertainment we enjoy and how it relates to your life. Which I think can help us better understand the lives we choose to live ourselves.

Wubba lubba dub dub,
The Philosophy Guy

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